1. Do I need a fishing license?

Answer: No, the captain has a license to cover all aboard the vessel.

2. What is provided?

Answer: Rods & reels, tackle, bait, ice, fishing license, and fish cleaning

3. What should I bring?

Answer: Drinks, snacks, weather appropriate clothing, sunglasses, hat,
camera, sunscreen (NO SPRAY), small personal cooler, and any personal fishing gear if preferred.

4. What shouldn’t I bring?

Answer: Glass bottles, spray type sunscreen, illegal substances, GPS, or

5. Who cleans the catch?

Answer: If you choose to keep legal fish, the captain will clean and bag
your catch.

6. How is the catch divided?

Answer: Normally what YOU catch YOU take, unless another agreement
is made by all aboard prior to the trip start.

7. Will seasickness be an issue?

Answer: Usually seasickness is not an issue due to fishing inshore in
calmer shallower waters, but if you are sensitive to motion, we
suggest preparing by taking motion sickness medication for days
prior and an hour before your trip.

8. What if there is adverse weather?

Answer: Captains will be watching forecasts and will determine if it is safe to depart.
Sometimes weather only causes minor delays in trip start time which can be
adjusted. These decisions would be made on a trip by trip basis and require
direct communication between the captain and guest. Trips cancelled due to
adverse weather prior to leaving the dock will be refunded in full or rescheduled.

9. Do I have to be an experienced fisherman?

Answer: No. You can come from any experience level and the captain will help you
become a better fisherman and catch fish through patience and experience.
No matter the experience level we want the same thing; to catch fish and have
great memories to look back on time and time again.

10. What if I have a larger group than 4 interested in fishing?

Answer: If proper notice is given, we can possibly find other qualified captains to join us
and accomodate a larger party. This would be organized on a special basis